Our Daily Life:
an all-purpose pictorial journal

The Kuraoka family, Ondine, John, Roy, and Leo, and our day-to-day life as rendered in 1981-vintage clip art


All text (c) John Kuraoka. All clip art (c) 1981, Graphic Products Corporation.
Note: all acts and persons depicted are fictional, the tip-off being their black outlines, which real people generally lack.

Why, people often ask us, don't we combine photos with our weekly journal? Well, for one thing, we scarcely have time to put our photos into albums, let alone scan them and post them online. For another, the sad fact is that our day-to-day life is every bit as tiresome and monotonous as anyone else's. Photos, week after week, would only reinforce - in color - the painfully obvious. However, we are accustomed to serve the call of our fans, numbering as they do well into the tens. So, here, forthwith, is our family's typical day laboriously pasted together from timeless Formost Self-Adhesive Clip Art, circa 1981.

Ondine and John Kuraoka.
Ondine and John. That's Ondine on the left.

Our suburban San Diego house
Our house.

Our neighbor's suburban San Diego house
The house down the street.

Our neighbor's neighbor's suburban San Diego house
The house down the street from that one.

Hello, this is John Kuraoka, freelance advertising copywriter. How can I help you?
John works hard all day.

Our kitchen really looks sort of like this. A woman's work is never done.
Ondine works hard too.

Reading to Roy. Or Leo.
But, she always makes time to read to Roy and Leo.

Ahh, the kids are in school. Ondine catches up on her phone calls.

Click for a larger view - it really is Valerie! In our house!
We don't know what Valerie Harper is doing in our house, but it sure isn't the vacuuming.

You did what? Gosh, what a wholesome depiction of family life.
When we discipline our children, we do so with compassion, neutrality, and no small amount of glee.

The Kuraoka family at dinner.
We usually sit down to dinner together.

Would you mind not pointing at us while we're eating? Thank you.
Roy and Leo sure love their food!

Ondine and John relax at home.
After the kids go to bed, we sometimes watch TV.

Don't you hate it when someone reads over your shoulder?
Usually we read for a while.

Putting on some moves.
At the end of the day, we have very little energy for romance.

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