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The Kuraoka family, August 2009
Us, August 9, 2009: John, Buddy, Leo, Ondine, Roy

Friday, 28 August 2009

It’s HOT! A record-setting heat wave sent temperatures soaring well into the triple digits. It’s been at least 100° F (37.8° C) here at the house, and even hotter in other parts of San Diego. Well, now Kevin is seeing what San Diego is really like in August. For the last couple weeks, the weather had been so cool and mild that we thought we’d actually dodged the heat this year. Nope!

Here’s Monday’s journal of our outings to the Aerospace and Automotive Museums and the Midway, archived. It has a ton of photos. We’re glad we went last weekend, when it was cooler. Even on the water, it’s going to be hot in those lower decks this weekend!

Roy and Leo have been in San Carlos Rec day camp all week. They stayed for a movie on Monday, and got to walk to 7-11 for Slurpees on Wednesday. Thursday, Leo opted to stay for the movie again, and when the movie ended early there was just Leo and one other kid left! Then the other kid was picked up, and Leo felt alone and abandoned! Anyway, Ondine found out about all this when she picked him up, right on time, but Leo had been crying, worried that she’d forgotten him. Poor guy. Today is the barbecue.

Roy and Leo have both had soccer practices this week, although we didn’t take Leo to practice yesterday because of the heat. The team color for both teams is blue – Roy’s team is a light blue and Leo’s team is a medium blue. Team names have not been picked out yet. Roy’s team will have an all-day soccer clinic on Saturday.

Kevin finished his last class today! The class apparently puts together a soccer game on Wednesdays, so Wednesday we didn’t pick up Kevin at the trolley station until about 8:00. He wants to go back to the Hard Rock Café downtown for T-shirts.

Thursday evening, Ondine and Kevin went to see Bob’s band play at the 94th Aero Squadron. Ondine got to chat with Kristen. James and Robbie were there, and wondered where Leo was. Well, by that time, Leo was sleeping.

We’re grateful for Barbara and Bill’s pool, which everyone has enjoyed in this heat!

Ondine is still struggling with her knee. Just a little bit of walking makes it swell up. Yesterday, she walked a few houses up the street to deliver a sympathy card for Inez, who died, and walked from the parking lot into the restaurant. Today, her knee is swollen and she has to ice it and keep it elevated. How frustrating!

This morning, Ondine went to coffee with Jennifer.

Buddy, as a result of Ondine’s knee injury, rarely gets walked these days. The poor dog is looking a bit downcast without his bit of exercise. In fact, today he seems a bit under the weather. John took him for a very short walk today, though.

John has been very busy, with several new projects flying in and more on the immediate horizon. He’ll have to work this weekend to catch up!

Tonight we’ll be getting together with Barbara and Bill at Marietta’s a Mexican restaurant. Kevin has really enjoyed burritos and wraps, and hopes to be able to find tortillas in Germany. Are tortillas uniquely Mexican? They don’t seem to turn up much in Spanish cuisine, do they?

Weekend Preview includes a team soccer clinic for Roy, and a possible trip to the Torrey Pines Glider Port for a parasailing ride for Kevin! Wow!

Neighborhood gas prices dropped to $2.99 per gallon.

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