The Kuraoka Family
The Cast of Characters
Updated February 2018

Us, up to now: We met in 1996 through a personals ad in the San Diego Reader, if you can believe it. We got engaged about a year later, on a daytrip to the Anza Borrego Desert. We were married in 1998; our wedding day in Balboa Park was made especially memorable by the first recorded hail in the park in more than 100 years. We were the very first wedding held in the Granada Room, which was the original chapel, next to the big ballroom in the restored House of Hospitality; many of our wedding photos were taken posed in the beautiful space that is now the Prado Restaurant. Our pre-kid(s) life was one of relative indulgence - season tickets to the Old Globe Theater, camping, last-minute travel to Germany and England, weekends and evenings to ourselves. Now, our home in a suburban San Diego neighborhood is filled with a joyful chaos of our own making. We have two teenage boys and a dog. We still travel, only differently. Life is good. You can stay up-to-date with what’s going on in our lives by visiting our current Weekly Journal, an online diary of ordinary family life. Our latest photos (and the occasional video) are hanging on our now world-famous virtual refrigerator door.

Meet the Kuraoka family:
turns the big 5-0 this year. After a decade-long stint as a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer, she returned to the workforce in 2011 as a social worker (MSW, Smith College) and earned her LCSW. Her hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, and travel.
John: turns 56 this year. He is a freelance advertising copywriter who works out of his home office. He is also the primary contact/driver/nurse/gatekeeper for the kids. His hobbies include history, literature, astronomy, cooking, and travel.
Roy: turns 18 this year. He’s a senior (12th grade) at Patrick Henry High School. His favorite subject is Technical Theater. He likes writing, reading, theater, and playing games.
Leo: turns 16 this year. He’s a sophomore (10th grade) at Patrick Henry High School. He likes creating digital/electronic music, listening to music, reading, and playing games.
Shadow: is a 26-pound black/tan/white mutt with a curly tail, about seven years old. We adopted him in November 2012. He likes food, fetch, and his stuffed ducky.

Other Very Important People:
Barbara: Ondine’s mom, John’s mother-in-law, Roy’s and Leo’s grandmother. And, our next-door neighbor!
Frances: John’s mom, Ondine’s mother-in-law, and Roy’s and Leo’s other grandmother. She lives in La Canada, near Los Angeles.
The Buddies: Individually and as a group, we help each other stay sane through the challenges of raising children. Many are school and Scout families. In no particular order:

Friends and Family:

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